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Bahía Blanca Videos

Videos of Bahía Blanca, a city/town of Argentina

Bahía Blanca (“White Bay”) did not quite pass as a canal connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific when Ferdinand Magellan was looking for a shorter route to avoid the long journey around the South American continent. Nonetheless, it is currently one of Argentina’s largest trans-shipping center, transporting grains, wool and other export trade commodities from southern Buenos Aires. Founded in 1828 to protect dwellers and their livestock from the incursion of the Brazilian navy, Bahía Blanca is now a bustling service and commercial center with everything for everyone. Downtown, the city is dotted with financial, administrative and government buildings reminiscent of its colonial past. It may not look like it, but the city is renowned for its love of basketball and leadership in this sport in all of Argentina. It is where professional basketball player Manu Ginobili first learned how to play the game.

Videos Of Bahía Blanca


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