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Videos of Olintepeque, a city/town of Guatemala

Olintepeque is a municipality in the Quetzaltenango department of Guatemala. It is located on the Xequijel River. Olintepeque is known for being the place where the legendary K'iche' king Tecún Umán died in single combat with the Spanish conquistador, Pedro de Alvarado on February 18, 1524. The river Xequijel takes its name from the famous battle. The inhabitants of Olintepeque speak primarily Spanish and K'iche'. A chapel is dedicated to the folk saint, San Juan Bautista. Coordinates: 14°53′N 91°31′W / 14.883°N 91.517°W / 14.883; -91.517

Videos Of Olintepeque

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Santiaguito Volcano Eruption. Nov 2007.

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