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Videos of Asola, a city/town of Italy

Asola is a commune in the province of Mantua, Lombardy. In 1516, when it was part of the Republic of Venice, it was unsuccessfully besieged by the troops of the Austrian Maximilian I. The event is portrayed in a painting by Tintoretto, The Siege of Asola.

Videos Of Asola

Italian Town Of Asolo Italy Travel Guide

Take A Tour Of Italian Town Of Asolo In Asolo, Italy Part Of The World's Greatest Attractions...

Asolo Uphill Asolo, Italy 2013

Location: Asolo Treviso Italy 2013 Riders: Hias And Gigo Music: Sound Of Guns Sometimes Cycling.

Asolo Italytour

Let Me Be Your Personal Tour Guide To Asolo Italy. We Will Walk The Streets Such As Robert...

Hotel Villa Cipriani, Asolo, Italy

Hotel/villa Cipriani Hotel Asolo It. Htm.


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