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Yaren Videos

Videos of Yaren, a city/town of Nauru

A small “capital” of a small nation in the Pacific, Yaren is the parliamentary seat and the main district of Nauru. Situated on the southern portion of the island nation at 1.5 square kilometers, Yaren is a laidback center for commerce, transportation and tourism. There are no massive architecture typical of seats of government (even the parliament building is modest in stature) because the population is relatively small. What treasures Yaren has, can be found underground. The Moqua Caves are a series of subterranean caves below Yaren, and intrepid visitors would find this attraction largely under the radar of mainstream eco-tourists. Yaren, of course, makes an excellent base camp for exploring the rest of country: from its 19-kilometer ring of paved roads that encircle the island, to the hundreds of tiny coral atolls that come and go with the tides.

Videos Of Yaren


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