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Islands lined with palms overhanging gorgeous beaches; superb cuisine; a rich cultural heritage; exotic rainforests; cheap shopping; hundreds of temples and religious artifacts dating back centuries; ancient villages stowed away in hidden corners...

Ban Tak
Ban Tak

Ban Tak is a district in the northern part of Tak Province, northern Thailand.

Arvind Kejriwal And His Dharna Worry For Other Politicians So Sorry Politoon By Aajtak 01:20

Is Arvind Kejriwal's Dharna Increasing Insecurity For Narendra Modi And Rahul Gandhi. So Sorry Politoon By Aaj Tak And India Today Group On Dharna Based Poli...

Maha'bharat' On Sachin Tendulkar's Bharat Ratna So Sorry By Aajtak 01:42

This Video Is All About How Politics Started On Bharat Ratna. It's A Mahabharat Of Sachin Tendulkar's Bharat Ratna. Congratulations To Sachin Tendulkar And A...

Main Biggboss 'nahi' Hoon So Sorry Politoon By Aajtak 02:19

Reality Check For Maunmohan Singh's Ministry, Who Is Passing Bills/ Who Is Destroying Bills And What Left For Manmohan Singh As Prime Minister. I Found This...

Political Holi With Political Attacks So Sorry Politoon By Aajtak 02:00

Political Leaders Are Playing Political Holi With Political Colors, Wonderful So Sorry Politoon By Aajtak And India Today Group.

How Band Of Sonia Make Congress Dance So Sorry By Indiatoday Group 01:48

This Politoon Shows Us, How Sonia Makes Whole Congress Dancing With Her Music Band And How Rahul Gandhi Suddenly Leads Congress. Sonia Ke Isharo Pe Nachti Co...

So Sorry: Battlefield Parliament 01:46

Unprecedented Pandemonium Marked By Fisticuffs, Pepper Spraying And Breaking Of Mike Was Witnessed In Lok Sabha Over A Variety Of Issues.

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