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Portugal Capital

Squeezed between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal revolves around the sea. Through it, the nation began to build up its empire in the 15th century, claiming territory in South America, Africa and Asia. While this empire has dwindled over...

Honduras Capital

With its prime location between the Caribbean and Pacific, Honduras' natural and historical treasures remain its greatest attractions for visitors. The Bay Islands, off the Caribbean coast, offer all that you would expect from a Caribbean island...

Angola Capital

Angola is not exactly the safest destination in the world, despite the official end of the 25-year-long civil war in 2002. War certainly ravages a land and its people, as visitors to Angola will find. This is a destination for aid workers, not...

Venezuela Capital

Bordered on the north by the ever-popular Caribbean Sea, Venezuela offers travelers the best of two worlds: beautiful sandy beaches along the warm blue waters of the Caribbean; and the stunning diversity of South America's inland. Indeed, if you...

Sapna Babul Ka...bidaai Episode 95: Ranvir Tries To Enquire About Ragini By Calling To Her Dance... 20:33

Malti And Vineet Enter Alekh's Room While He Is Playing Mouth Organ. Malti Picks Up Alekh's Painting And Appreciates His Art. Alekh Gets Angry When Malti Dro...

Sapna Babul Ka...bidaai Episode 289: Sadhana Is Anxious To Know The Fact Behind The Red Roses. 21:46

Madhavan And His Wife Gift Sadhana, Alekh, Ragini And Ranvir A House Boat Trip. Everyone Is Happy To See Sadhana, Alekh, Ragini And Ranvir Back Home. Vasundh...

Sapna Babul Ka...bidaai Episode 219: Ranvir Shares His Feeling With Alekh After His Breakup With... 40:27

Ambika Speaks To Sadhana. Prakash Invites Sadhana Since Perspective Groom Is Visiting His Residence To Propose Marriage For Ragini. While Family Members Are...

Sapna Babul Ka...bidaai Episode 285: Sadhana Informs Ranvir That Alekh Went Missing. 32:36

Sadhana Gets Embarrassed With Alekh's Talks. Vasundhara Gets Nervous To See Prakash And Kaushalya. Ranvir And Ragini Are Worried For Sadhana. Alekh Is Angry...

Sapna Babul Ka...bidaai Episode 278: Vasundhara Gifts Honeymoon Package To Ranvir. 19:56

Vasundhara Pretends That She Has An Important Work Due To Which She Won't Be Able To Attend Ranvir's Reception. Hearing This, Ranvir, Ragini And Sadhana Supp...

Sapna Babul Ka...bidaai Episode 273: Ragini First Day In Rajvansh Family. 19:59

Sadhana Attends To Ragini Since It's Her First Day In Rajvansh Family. Sadhana Along With Ragini Perform The Daily Rituals Of Rajvansh Family And Make Breakf...

Sapna Babul Ka...bidaai Episode 284: Sadhana Pretends To Talk To Kaushalya. 20:03

Sadhana, Alekh, Ragini And Ranvir Visit Tea Garden And Enjoy On The Beaches. Avni Informs Malti That Vasundhara Is Lying And Proves Her The Same. Kaushalya I...

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