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Dancing Raisins Maximus Media Dolby Surround 00:31

This Is One Of Several Spots We Worked On Featuring The Famous California Dancing Raisins. Maximus Media Was Contracted To Completely Recreate The Commercial...

Dancing Raisin Project Using The Scientific Method By Josue Lemus Paz 02:48

Science Project I Did For School.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment. 00:40

Via Youtube Capture.

School's Out Science 2 Fabulous Dancing Raisins 02:55

In This Episode, 8 Year Old Professor Pressure Shares Another Scientific Phenomenon How To Get Ordinary Raisins To Dance For You Ingredients Needed: Jar C...

Dancing Raisins 00:12

Short Video Of Dancing Raisins.

Dancing Raisins 00:50

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