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Gravity Falls Ending Credits Code Decoded Episode. 1 00:31

Gravity Falls Belongs To Disney. Each Episode Has A Different Code. Codes/idea Supplied By My Friend Diamond.

Gravity Falls Theories Episode 2 Soos' Three Secrets Hd 01:46

Soos Is A Strange Character In Gravity Falls. These Are His Three Secrets: He Is Very Smart And Can Predict The Future He Is The Handyman He Knows Grun...

Gravity Falls: Scaryoke Secrets Episode Analysis 03:35

There Are Some Great Secrets In The Season 2 Premiere Of Gravity Falls. Finally, We Have Them All. ○○○Join The Decoders: Hit The "li...

Les Mystères De Gravity Falls Anomalie #23: Le Tatouage Secret D'oncle Stan 02:23

Découvrez Un Nouvel Épisode Des Mystères De Gravity Falls Cette Semaine, Penchons Nous Sur L'anomalie #23: Le Tatouage Secret D'oncle Stan. Retrouve Tous...

Gravity Falls | Season 2 Episode 1 "scary Oke" | Secrets, Theories, And Review 09:56

Season 2 Of Gravity Falls Is Back In Action, And There Are A Lot Of Secrets Already Floating Around This Episode...

Gravity Falls Hidden Backwards Message 01:31

To Continue On With The..."backwards Song Messages" I Give You...the Gravity Falls Theme It Says "3 Letters Back" This Helps When Decoding The Ending Theme...

Gravity Falls Official Trailer Hd 01:31

Beavers With Chainsaws, Zombies, Ghosts, And Monsters. These Are Just Some Of The Things That Appear At The Scenic Town Of Gravity Falls. Join Dipper And Mab...

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