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India's civilization stretches back at least 5,000 years and, remarkably, has been maintained to an extremely high level in the 20th century. Whereas other Asian nations have seen the decline of traditional culture, Indians, particularly those...

Navi Mumbai
Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is a beautiful city in Thane district to the Northeast of Mumbai. It was founded in 1971 as a satellite township to take the pressure off Mumbai city. In that, it has been only partially successful. Though many residents moved into...

Information about St Xavier's College
St Xavier's College belongs to the category college buildings and it's located at 5, Mahapalika Marg, Near Metro Cinema (400 001), Navi Mumbai, India.
Mahir & Feride || Stand By Me || 03:58

Karadayi Mahir & Feride Kenan Imirzalıoğlu & Bergüzar Korel ~ I Won't Cry, I Won't Cry No, I Won't Shed A Tear Just As Long As You Stand, Stand By Me ~...

Mahir & Feride You Are At The Beginning Of The Road.... 03:18

The Following Dialogue Is Taken From Karadayi For English Speakers's M:i Am Jealous From Everybody When It Comes To You... When A Man Is In Love He Gets J...

Mahir & Feride As Long As You Love Me ♥ 03:48

Mahir Kenan Imirzalioğlu & Feride Bergüzar Korel ~ As Long As You Love Me I'll Be Your Platinum, I'll Be Your Silver, I'll Be Your Gold ~ Like And Subscr...

Karadayı 00:30

The Countdown Has Begun... " Karadayı " New Season In September ; All Rights Go To Atv Channel Subscribe Our Channel To Stay Updated: //w...

Mahir & Feride ♡ "a Minor Titanic" ♡ 04:39

Karadayi Series Song: Maxairitsas Mikros Titanikos.

Mahir & Feride || Incomplete || 04:11

Karadayi | Mahir Kenan Imirzalıoğlu | Feride Bergüzar Korel Episode 61:' The Best Episode In The 2Nd Season Or Maybe From The Both Seasons... Kenan...

Mahir Feride|Karadayi Episode 37 || Soundtrack || 03:02

Music=Unfaithful Triangle.

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