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Greece hit its stride well before Christ was born, making it one of the oldest and most influential world civilizations. Western art, politics and philosophy all took significant cues from Ancient Greece. Very few countries can rival the richness...

Mikri Mantineia
Mikri Mantineia

Mikri Mantineia is a seaside village in the municipality of Kalamata, Messinia prefecture, Greece. As of 2001, it had a population of 688 and it sits at 20 m above sea level. Many of its residents live during the summer months. The boundary with...

Mikri Epixirimatikotita 02:03

Mikri Mou Afroditi. Vasilis Ziakas, Live 1000 K 2 Nihtes. 11/06/08 07:37

Stihoi Mousiki: Vasilis Ziakas, Paizoun: Giorgos Fasolis, Mpampis Kapeliaris,kostas Vavitsas K O Hristos Kanelopoulos Diavazei Apospasma Apo Ton Megalo Anato...

Bvana & Mikri 50Evra Micc Intro 00:48

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