Suggestions for 'Mulher Nua Desfilando Em Trancoso Bahia'

Bahía Blanca
Bahía Blanca

Bahía Blanca (“White Bay”) did not quite pass as a canal connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific when Ferdinand Magellan was looking for a shorter route to avoid the long journey around the South American continent. Nonetheless, it is currently...

Piedras Blancas
Piedras Blancas

Piedras Blancas is a town in Entre Ríos, Argentina.

Laguna Blanca
Laguna Blanca

Laguna Blanca is a settlement in northern Argentina. It is located in Formosa Province.

Bardas Blancas
Bardas Blancas

Bardas Blancas is a town in Mendoza, Argentina.

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