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Switzerland Capital

Switzerland is a country as famous for its pocket knives as it is for its chocolate. But to travelers, Swiss fame is largely focused on its Alpine landscape. Beautiful and majestic, many visitors prefer to take in the scenery through activity,...

Portugal Capital

Squeezed between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal revolves around the sea. Through it, the nation began to build up its empire in the 15th century, claiming territory in South America, Africa and Asia. While this empire has dwindled over...

Honduras Capital

With its prime location between the Caribbean and Pacific, Honduras' natural and historical treasures remain its greatest attractions for visitors. The Bay Islands, off the Caribbean coast, offer all that you would expect from a Caribbean island...

Venezuela Capital

Bordered on the north by the ever-popular Caribbean Sea, Venezuela offers travelers the best of two worlds: beautiful sandy beaches along the warm blue waters of the Caribbean; and the stunning diversity of South America's inland. Indeed, if you...

Evening Kirtan 01:12:31

Visit More Audio And Video Gurbani ,keertan ,katha. Support Gurmatchanan. Compaying A Small Amount To Bear All Expenses In Shari...

12 Hour Kirtan Part 3 July 2013 Hare Krishna Melbourne 28:37

12 Hour Kirtan Part 3 14 July 2013. Hare Krishna Melbourne. The International Society For Krishna Consciousness, Iskcon , Hare Krishna Movement In Melbourn...

Gurbani Kirtan From Gurdwara Sisganj Sahib 21 Oct. 02:00:06

Kirtan From Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

Shabad Kirtan 50 Popular Devotional Video 30:01

Request Your Guru To Bless You With His Sight With This Shabad Listen To The Best Bhajans, Aartis And Devotional Songs Only On

Gurudwara Ramgharia Edmonton Kirtan Darbar 1 Sept 12:03

Bhai Amritpal Singh Ji Sangroor Wale

Gurbani Kirtan Mohe Biaahe Chale Hae Bhai Johinder Singh Riar 01:02:46

Waheguru Jee Kaa Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh || Thank You For Viewing This Video. Please Visit Explore Additional Gurbani Katha, Kee...

Kirtan By Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji Gurduara El Sobrante Ca 34:43

Kirtan Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji.

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