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Modelu is a commune in Călăraşi County, Romania. It is composed of four villages: Modelu, Radu Negru, Stoeneşti and Tonea. It has a population of 9,745 people. Since 2004, the mayor has been Gheorghe Dobre of the National Liberal Party.

Information about Grădina Zoologică
Grădina Zoologică belongs to the category zoological parks and it's located at Parc Dumbrava, Model, Romania.
Information about Casa Heliade
Casa Heliade belongs to the category restaurants and it's located at Model, Romania.
Information about Albatros Rastaurant
Albatros Rastaurant belongs to the category restaurants and it's located at Model, Romania.
Practice 2 Developing And Using Models 08:22

Science And Engineering Practice 2: Developing And Using Models Paul Andersen Explains The Importance Of Modeling In Science And Engineering. Models Are Used...

Arms: Adult Role Models In Science 02:59

Arms Is A Program Of The Institute For Biology Education At The University Of Wisconsin Madison. There Are Arms Science Clubs At More...

Energy Conservation And Universe Science Models Exhibition 02:04

This Was A 5 Day Science Exhibition Took Place In Ofic Armapur Kanpur Topic Was Energy Consevation And Universe..students With Their Models.

Science Exhibition Different Models Of Houses 01:26

Minu Is Showing "different Models Of Houses" During Science Exhibition Along With Other Kids.

Lewis Diagrams And Vsepr Models 12:29

022 Lewis Diagrams And Vsepr Models In This Video Paul Andersen Explains How You Can Use Lewis Diagrams And Vsepr Models To Make Predictions About Molecule...

New Models For Organizing Delta Science 55:53

Science Itself Has Become A Major Source Of Conflict In The Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. This Panel Discusses How To Reduce Fighting Over Facts—And Whether...

Science Models Exhibition 2. Avi 05:18

G L S Public School Had Organized This Science & Art And Craft Exhibition Named Atelier On 26Th March 2009. It Consisted Of Almost More Than 50 Models, Hal...

Mumbai Science Models Official Video 03:40

Out Now Buy Here: Ep/ Mumbai Science Presents Their Latest Work, The '1975 Ep'. Two No Nonsense Club Tracks, Ins...

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