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Banda Aceh
Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh is the provincial capital and largest city in the province of Aceh, Indonesia, located on the island of Sumatra. The city was originally named Kutaraja, and determined as the provincial capital in 1956. Kuta Raja means "City of the...

Information about Funland
Funland belongs to the category gaming cafes and it's located at Jln. T. Panglima Polem, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
Information about Pasar Peunayong
Pasar Peunayong belongs to the category flea markets and it's located at Peunayong, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
Information about Stadion Harapan Bangsa
Stadion Harapan Bangsa belongs to the category soccer stadiums and it's located at Jalan Sultan Malikul Saleh, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
Electric Cars Made ​​in Indonesian Students Mobil Listrik Karya Mahasiswa Indonesia 01:35

Ub Students, Malang Indonesia Create Electric Cars Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly To Contest The Shell Eco Marathon 2013 In Malaysia....

Rijstafel, Kombinasi Menu Indonesia Dan Noni Belanda 3 Juni 2013 02:58

To See More Video Here: Please No Haters. This Is Not My Copyright Just Backup And Sharing. I Beg Permission Accident,...

Indonesian Navy Test Firing Yakhont Missile 02:10

The Firing Test Took Place In Indian Ocean. Yakhont Missile Mounted In 4 Vls Vertical Launching System Fired From Indonesian Frigate Kri Oswald Siahaan And...

Bali, The Island Of Love, Part 3, "sisters In Love" 11:28

Watch Part One Of "bali, The Island Of Love" Explore Traditional Bali Through Part 3 Of "bali, The Island Of Love," As Poutou, An...

Relaxing Music Tradisional Music West Java 06:35

Music Is My Life.


Day2 2 Day2 3 V=U09Jg3Rxuvw.

Indonesia Air Force 8 Su 27Sk/ Su 30Mk2 & 6 F 16 Fly Pass 00:25

A Group Of Indonesian Air Force Fighters Su 27 Sk, Su 30 Mk2 & F 16 Fighting Falcon Fly Pass Over Jakarta In Tight Formation During The Indonesian Independ...

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