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Nueva Loja
Nueva Loja

Nueva Loja, also known as Lago Agrio, is the capital of the canton of Lago Agrio and the province of Sucumbíos in Ecuador. It was founded in the 1960s as a base camp of Texaco. Nueva Loja is located in central Sucumbíos, in the Amazonian forest,...


Loja appears almost cut off from the rest of Ecuador – a seemingly entirely different universe in the north – if not for its impressive line-up of universities and music conservatory spread out in a fertile valley more than 2,000 meters above sea...

Nueva Tarqui
Nueva Tarqui

Nueva Tarqui is a town in Morona Santiago, Ecuador.

Information about Casa Del Maito
Casa Del Maito belongs to the category south american restaurants and it's located at Vía Al Aguarico, Nueva Loja, Ecuador.
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Music Commissioned For A Fuse Festival Production, In Association With Silversmith Dance Theatre And The Right Step Dance Company. Telling The Story Of 3 Sir...

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Universidad De Alicante Enjfin... Xdd.

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Syrens Is An On Going Series Of Short Videos About Motor Driven Sirens. This Video Is A Recording Of The Fire Evacuation Siren At The Abn Animal Feed Mill Lo...

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Paradise Lagoons 2013 Steve Comiskey & Delta.

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Biggest Part Of The Ocean Is Undiscovered,....nob ody Knows What Creatures Living In The Deepest Part Of It...can U See How Fast D Creature Crawled And With...

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