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Swat Fighting Threatens Pakistan Army Unity 8 May 09 03:13

The Fighting Between The Pakistani Army And The Taliban In Swat Valley Can Have Great Ramifications For The Country. If Casualty Figures Rise To Unacceptable...

Ski Resort Seeks Comeback In Pakistan's Swat 02:11

Swat Valley Was Once Controlled By Taliban Fighters But They Were Driven Out By Pakistan's Army In 2009. With One Rickety Chairlift And Hopes For A Peaceful...

Taliban Training Children For Suicide Bombings 01:08

About 200 Boys, Some As Young As Six Years, Were Rescued By Pakistani Security Forces From Taliban Camps In The Lawless Swat Valley Where They Were Being &qu...

De Radicalisation In Swat, Kirsten Seymour Reports 33:34

The Army Is Stepping Up Its New Non Military Strategy In The War On Terror By Using Psychologists To Fight Militants. Psychologists From Around The World Met...

Art Thrives In Former Pakistani Taliban Stronghold 01:57

The Swat Valley In Pakistan Was Once Considered A Regional Centre For Arts And Culture. All Of That Ended, However, With The Arrival Of The Taliban In 2008....

Pakistanis Skeptical Of Taliban Peace Talks 02:18

The Pakistani Government Is In Peace Talks With The Taliban, But The People Of The Swat Valley Remain Skeptical. The Pakistani Taliban's Negotiating Team Is...

Malala Yousafzai: Young Girl Who Took On Taliban Newsx 07:09

Malala Yousafzai Is The Young Girl Who Dared To Oppose Taliban's Anti Education Policies At The Age Of 11 When The Militants Took Over Control Of Swat Valley...

Girls Defy The Taliban In Pakistan 03:44

Saima Mohsin Travels To Swat, Where Malala Yousafzai Was Shot By The Taliban. She Visits An All Female College.

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