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India's civilization stretches back at least 5,000 years and, remarkably, has been maintained to an extremely high level in the 20th century. Whereas other Asian nations have seen the decline of traditional culture, Indians, particularly those...

Navi Mumbai
Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is a beautiful city in Thane district to the Northeast of Mumbai. It was founded in 1971 as a satellite township to take the pressure off Mumbai city. In that, it has been only partially successful. Though many residents moved into...

Information about St Xavier's College
St Xavier's College belongs to the category college buildings and it's located at 5, Mahapalika Marg, Near Metro Cinema (400 001), Navi Mumbai, India.
Shararat Episode 25 Part 1 08:14

Meeta Participates In Miss Teen Contest Where Pam Is Also Participating. Pam Makes Jia Jealous Which Leads Her To Decide To Participate In Competitiion. Star...

Shararat Episode: Nani's Bday Part 1 08:30

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Shararat Episode 22 Part 1 09:13

Shararat. Episode 22. Part 1. Nani Eats Away Rani Devi's Ladus. Rani Devi Puts A Spell On Her That Nani Will See Ladu In The Things All Around. She Wont Be A...

Shararat Episode: Bebo's Entry Part 1/3 09:23

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Shararat Episode 24 Part 1 02:53

Jia's Magic Power Has Been Transferred To Jai. Jia Gets Confused And Nani Decides To Help Her. Rajshri. Comstar Tv Network Utv Entertainment.

Shararat Episode 21 Part 1 05:38

Shararat. Episode 21. Part 1. Dhruv Invites Jia For Lunch In The Restaurant. Meeta Invites Jia To Meet Raja In The Restaurant Who Got A New Girlfriend. Nani...

Shararat Episode 29 Part 1 05:52

Dhruv Requests Suraj To Take Jia For A Date. Suraj Rejects The Request. Jia Feels Sad. Rajshri. Comstar Tv Network Utv Entertainment.

Shararat Episode 31 Part 1 03:54

Nani Loses Her Memory. She Thinks Radha And Suraj Are Her Parents And That Jia And Jai Are Her Enemies. She Wants To Be The Only Daughter Of Radha And Suraj....

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