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Information about Guia Lopes Da Laguna
Guia Lopes Da Laguna belongs to the category uncategorized and it's located at Guia Lopes Da Laguna - Mato Grosso Do Sul, Brazil, Guia Lopes da Laguna, Brazil.
Information about Santa María De Guía
Santa María De Guía belongs to the category plazas and it's located at Santa María de Guía de Gran Canaria, Spain.
Information about Sete Cidades
Sete Cidades belongs to the category lakes and it's located at Rua Da Caridade, Sete Cidades, Portugal.
Information about Lagoa Das Sete Cidades
Lagoa Das Sete Cidades belongs to the category lakes and it's located at Sete Cidades, Portugal.
Shararat Episode 163 20:53

Jiya And Nani Makes Plans To Put Color On Everyone Due To The Occasion Of Holi. Nani Teaches Jiya And Radha A Spell To Color Everyone But Its Effect Will Not Go Before Twenty Four Hours. Raja...

Shararat Episode 43 18:02

Nani Guides Jiya And Meeta With The Tactics To Attract Boys. Nani Gives A Plan To Jiya And Meeta For Dhruv And Raja Respectively. As Directed By Nani, Jiya And Meeta Ignore Dhruv And Raja At...

Shararat Episode 45 20:07

Radha Tries To Remind Her Impending Birthday, But All Pretend To Forget It. Radha Is Dejected To Know This. Jiya Is Planning A Surprise Party For Radha, And Dhruv, Meeta Are Assisting Her....

Shararat Episode 57 19:35

Nani Confuse Shanti With Her Magic. At First Parminder, Eena And Tina Wear Masks And Scare Jiya And Jai. Shanti Is Suspicious, So She Secretly Enters Malhotra House But Is Scared To See The...

Shararat Episode 174 21:00

Rani Devi Asks Nani Not To Irritate Suraj By Performing Magic Tricks On Him. Nani Promises Radha The She Won't Perform Any Magic On Suraj. Radha Teaches Jiya A Chant With Which She Can Bring...

Shararat Episode 53 22:04

Family Wishes Jiya On Her Birthday. Dhruv Calls Jiya But Wishes Her Good Morning Instead Of Happy Birthday. Rani Devi Wishes Jiya, And Directs The Rules Of Magic And Hands Over The Required...

Shararat Episode 162 21:20

Suraj Is Frustrated With Radha, Nani And Jiya's Magic. Suraj Asks For Mahavardan From Rani Devi And Makes A Wish That No One Will Be Able To Perform Magic Inside His House. Rani Devi Grants...

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