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Information about Wayang Gambar
Wayang Gambar belongs to the category indie movie theaters and it's located at Batu Talam, Malaysia.
Information about Agus' Wayang Golek Workshop
Agus' Wayang Golek Workshop belongs to the category art galleries and it's located at Dsn. Ciokong Rt 01/03 Ds. Sukaresik (46365), Pangandaran, Indonesia.
Information about Wayang Street
Wayang Street belongs to the category sculpture gardens and it's located at Kuching, Malaysia.
Information about Panggung Wayang @ Aeon
Panggung Wayang @ Aeon belongs to the category multiplex cinemas and it's located at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Banting, Malaysia.
Wayang Wong Part 1 15:05

The Other Side Of North Bali Uniqueness Can Be Seen In The Village Tejakula. In This Village There Are A Variety Of Artistic And Cultural Potential That Was...

19 Ways To Wayang Bluff 03:18

Starring Djehuty: Gm. Bibi: Wayang/ Wʌɪˈjʌŋ Originally: A Traditional Theatre Performance Col...

Pbwk Peperangan Bintang Wayang Kulit Preview 18Th Oct 2013 09:09

This Is One Of Fusion Shadow Play Project Called: Peperangan Bintang, Main Objective For This Project Is To Re Promote Thi...

Indonesian Puppets Wayang Golek 06:13

Interview And Wayang Golek Puppet Demonstration By Uc Santa Cruz Professor Kathy Foley.

Wayang Kulit/ Shadow Puppet Theatre 13:27

Wayang Kulit Is The Malay Expresion For Shadow Puppet Theatre. Dalang Story Teller Or Puppet Master Made Gender Is A Native Ubudian Who Performs Wayang Kul...

Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Plant #1 09:31

Star Energy Geothermal Wayang Windu Ltd 227 Mw Pengalengan, Jawa Barat Indonesia.

Pemoengkah Gender Wayang 03:52

Gender Wayang. " Pemoengkah " " Tulang Lidung " From The " Pumungkah ". Recorded In Ubud, Bali, 1941. Gender Wayang, The Most Important Small Ensemble In...

How To Make Leather Puppet Wayang Kulit 07:43

Presented By Puppets Producers, Here You Can See How To Make The Shadow Puppets.

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