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Sete Cidades belongs to the category lakes and it's located at Rua Da Caridade, Sete Cidades, Portugal.
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87 James Watt And The Steam Engine 14:29

Great Moments In Science And Technology Here: Der Naturwissenschaft Und Technik. Html The Viewer Gains An Insight Into Both The Scientific And The...

The Biggest Operating Triple Steam Engine At Kempton 07:36

There Are Three Videos In My Series About Large Working Steam Engines: 'the Fabulous Crofton Steam Engine 1812 ' V=Jv57Ontapls , 'the Biggest Rotative Beam...

How Do Steam Engines And Diesel Engines Work 02:15

A Little Learning Segment On The Dotd Minisite. Very Informative If You Ask Me. Sorry That It's Out Of Sync. The Real Thing Is Here:

Merkur Steam Engine Working Model 05:30

Merkur Steam Engine Working Model.

Steam Engines Working Hard On The Settle And Carlisle 01:54

A Range Of Engines Working Hard At One Of My Favourite Spots Langcliffe Near Settle.

Home Built Hero Of Alexandria Steam Engine, Work In Progress. 03:14

I've Been Working On This For A Couple Weeks. Ultimately, It Will Turn A Small Electric Motor And Generate Some Amount Of Electricity. It's An Adaptation Of Hero's C. 10 70 Ad Aeolipile....

The World's First Steam Engine Working 01:20

A Short Film Showing The Full Sized Replica Of The 1712 Dudley Castle Newcomen Pumping Engine Working On Live Steam At The Black Country Living Museum On 18Th June 2011. This Engine Is A Replica.

The Biggest Operating Rotative Beam Steam Engine At Crossness 07:18

Crossness Pumping Station At East London Near River Thames Contains Four Big Sewage Pumping Engines, One Of Them Prince Consort Restored To Working Condition.

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