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Kliha Videos

Videos of Kliha, a city/town of Serbia

Klina or Klinë is a city and municipality in the Peć district of north-western Kosovo. It is located at the confluence of the river Klina into the White Drin.

Videos Of Kliha

"serbia One Journey Million Impressions"

Нови Промотивни Филм О Србији, Аутора Бошка Савковића: "србија Једно Путовање Безброј...

Belgrade, Serbia: As We Travel Europe Country #15

Serbia: As We Travel Europe Country #15 Hosted By Sofia Von Porat & Nathan Schacherer.

The White City: Our Trip To Serbia

I've Popped Together A Short Film Of Our Trip To Serbia In August 2013. This Is My Fourth Visit...

Welcome To Serbia

For All The Tourists Who Travel To Serbia.


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